Voormi Tech Tee. Photo by Laurie Kain

Voormi Dual Surface UL Tech Tee


Created: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 8:00 amUpdated: Thursday, January 10, 2019 5:17 pm

This small batch Colorado-made merino wool brand has its roots dug deep in the mountains, and their use of wool and synthetics makes for a fabric ready for adventure. Here’s a look at the Voormi Dual Surface UL Tech Tee.

 Voormi’s Dual Surface UL Tech Tee. Also available in long sleeve. Photo by Laurie Kain.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado-based Voormi has taken merino wool textiles to the next level by introducing performance synthetic fibers into them – in just the right places. The result is a boost to the already superior properties of merino: low stink, anti-microbial features, natural UV protection, thermal insulation and wicking ability. They call the merger precision blending, and we say it works. In the Dual Surface UL Tech Tee (UL means ultra light),  the use an ultra-fine micron wool-synthetic blend on the inside that’s meant to be next to the skin.

Voormi's surface hardened merino wool uses what they call precision blending, mixing synthetic fibers with natural wool.  Photo by Laurie Kain.

Summers casting flies on the river or winter tours on the mountain. Hot trail runs or as a baselayer under more, the Tech Tee  has become a go-to for casual weekenders to guides around the world.



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