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Bears Ears National Monument

These southwest adventure destinations might not all be synonymous with epic adventure, but they sure could be. Take a look at why we love them and why we think you will too.  by Brandon Mathis 1) BLUFF, UTAH You might not think of Bluff, Utah (population 258) as a major destination – and that’s what…(Read More)

Zion National Park is a habitat for canyoneering- budding canyoneers and expert explorers alike who return for the technical terrain and scenery within the depths of this desert landscape. But for the zealous explorer, a true canyon adventure is found outside the park. Words and Photos by Rachel Ross The Navajo sandstone in the area…(Read More)

Bull of the Woods trail run

From high alpine mountains to desert mesas, here are our picks to keep on your radar this running season. Words By Tiona Eversole ARIZONA AZT North Rim Ramble August 26th, 2018 Jacob Lake Northern Arizona is packed with many desert gems. The North Rim Ramble course takes you through spruce, pine and aspen forest, and…(Read More)

Runner, climber and part-time vagabond, Michael Versteeg has no end in sight. And that is just the way he likes it. words and photo by Morgan Sjogren Even if you’ve heard Versteeg’s name before, perhaps from ultramarathon race results or his acclaimed record run on the Arizona Trail, you probably don’t…(Read More)

 How to explore Bears Ears National Monument and surrounding areas While we’ve all heard plenty about Bears Ears National Monument in in southeastern Utah, we don’t all know much about it. Those who do have wandered among its labyrinths of canyons and mesas, gazed silently at ancient ruins, climbed tall cracked cliff faces…(Read More)

cnayoneering Utah's North Wash

UTAH: Spending a day sliding, climbing and squeezing though a slot canyon no wider than an arm’s length might not sound like fun to some people, but to others it’s what fun is all about. Words by Brandon Mathis, Photos by Terrance Siemon In an area known as the North Wash in the…(Read More)

Paddleboarding the San Juan River during a family vacation

How to be parents and still have a life. Words by Brandon Mathis, Photos by Bee Alaine Mathis Your family vacation doesn’t have to be boring. Ask these families who took their children on a multi-day raft trip down the San Juan River. These kids turn a river trip with the folks into…(Read More)

When you’re cruising around the locations of events like the Red Bull Rampage freeriding  competition, you meet some people that have a different take on mountain biking. So what is freeriding? “Anything but racing, “said freeride mountain bike ambassador Jeremy Hottinger. Hottinger lives in southern Utah, not far from Zion National Park and the…(Read More)

As the weather warms and the snow starts to melt, rivers begin to rise and rafts come out for the season. One of the best ways to take advantage of the early season high water is to start planning a multi-day river trip. Words by Tiona Eversole, Photos by Taylor “Bama” Criswell & Jake…(Read More)

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