Things you’ll need:

Trail shoes


20-40 hex head sheet metal screws – 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/8”

A quarter-inch socket drive

1) Start with marking the holes on your shoe. This is the preference, but needs to be done in consideration of conditions: Some runners have two pairs of winter shoes, one for snowy trails and one for ice. A nice pattern can be seen based on where the outsole is worn. Just remember to keep them along the outside area of your foot strike. Also make sure not you won’t rupture any gel or air cushioning systems.

2) With a drill and a small bit follow the markers and drill starter holes for the screws.

3) Pick your screws. some runners prefer to run larger screws toward the back of their foot and smaller screws near the front. Experiment and find what you like best.

4) Using a screwdriver or 1/4-inch socket and power drill slowly sink the screw so that it becomes flush with the tread. Be careful not to overtighten and they should not come loose on the trail.

5) Hit the trail running and revel in the tenacious traction of your homemade winter trail shoes and relish in the fact that you just saved $50- $70.