Mountain biking is just plain fun. You start cranking out on trail dodging trees and drifting turns and everything just gets better. Sure, you suffer sometimes, but that’s part of the game. Here’s a pretty simple ride on the south end of Durango that’s a bunch of fun, and let’s say, the fun-to-suffer ratio on this one is really in your favor.

It’s probably not for the first-time beginner, and it helps to have some technical aplomb, but it’s fine for most skill levels.

This lollipop loop offers ups and downs, turns and twists through a pine/juniper forest. The turning and twisting just gets better at speed, and you and your cohorts will be laughing out loud. This rider’s favorite part is along the South Rim Trail, particularly the fast, winding section just before Big Canyon.

Many of these trails were constructed by Trails 2000 crews in 2000 and 2001. Those looking for a longer ride can continue along the South Rim or up Big Canyon to eventually access the Telegraph Trail system. Use your imagination.

Potential difficulties: There’s a few quick dips and tight turns that might get you. Be in the moment, and you should be OK.