You’ve never had a yoga sesh like this one.

When certified yoga instructor and accupunturist Meagn Lott began teaching a summer evening yoga class on the banks of the Florida River on the Colorado/New Mexico border, she wasn’t sure who would show up.

Sure, there were the usual suspects: runners, climbers, kayakers, a few long time yogis and plenty of first timers. But there were also a few odd ducks. Well, pigs really.

Yes, you read that right. Pigs. And piglets. And donkeys. And they were by no means shy.

There are several types of yoga, but this? This is piglet yoga.

“It started as a joke,” Lott said. Her and a friend saw a video with yoga practice around goats, and that was it.

“We thought, ‘what if we decided to do piglet yoga?'”

Brandon Mathis

The stunning private property known as Amazon Acres where this all goes down sits along the foothillls of the Southern Rockies, laced with sage, pinion and juniper. Along the Florida River however, a much and manicured green flourishes. Once popular for events like weddings and reunions, the parcel is owned and maintained by an animal friendly couple who share the space for select gatherings.Piglet yoga seemed a perfect fit.  At any given time pigs, dogs, and donkeys are roaming free.

As for the yoga, it’s certanly a little different, and that’s what people come for.

“We were surprised at how many people were interested,” Lott said. ” I normally teach yoga at Yoga Durango , which is great- a lovely setting, it’s a beautiful studio and everything is really quiet and really calm, but here it’s whole new ball game.”

Brandon Mathis

Lott said the animals and the river allow students to open up their senses.

“I think some times people are a little weary or a little nervous about going to a normal yoga class, but here they feel comfortable coming,” she said. “It allows you to embrace all that’s around you and go with the flow.”

She said more than anything, the friendly animals create sense of calm in the students.

“They want more,” she said.  “They want the animals all around them.”

Piglet yoga is set to begin resume of 2018 at Amazon Acres.