Rugged style: A guy’s guide to casual wear, from the mountains to the market


Created: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:08 pmUpdated: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 3:47 pm

Guys know one thing about fashion: if it’s comfy and it works, we can wear it anywhere.

Here are few editor’s picks for summer duds, from the mountains to the market.

The Kühl Radikl
This hybrid pant is a new favorite- in fact we love these pants so much we’re wearing them for everything, from the office to the shoot, to the coffee shop and to the crags. 
The Radikl ($89) is, well, radical, for one thing: super stretchy panels woven in in key points where you need them most: the crotch, the yoke (your lower back at your waist line of those of us who don’t make our own pants), hips, and the legs. A blend of cotton, nylon and spandex, just as Kühl proclaims, they’re feel like mix of your favorite khakis and your oldest sweatpants. This is a pant you can climb multi-pitch routes in then wear to the movies. They’re even great to sleep in. We should know. (#ifwestayonemoredaywecandoitagain).

Feetures Running Socks 

We admit, we have sock problem. Drawers filled with bike socks, running socks, hiking socks, ski socks. There hasn’t been a cotton sock in there for years. So when we got a few pair of Feetures Elite Merion Cushion Quarters ($17) we were delighted.
Think tiny little anatomically correct compression crew socks. That’s right, there’s a left and a right.
We know they’re nice because they’re always dirty. When you’re tearing apart the house to find one rogue sock in a place filled with good socks, that’s a good sign too.
The cushioning is terrific and the merino wool, as expected, is an effective moisture wicking fabric that just feels good. One Feeture feature is what they call the Perfect Toe: there’s no toe inseam on the toe. Now that’s perfecto.


These days it’s just good practice to help others. Companies lending a hand and working toward a better world is one aspect that makes the outdoor community so decent. And Ecøths is no different. The natural fibers in the Ecoths line of shirts we have been wearing make us feel stylish and comfortable on the trail, at our desks or cooking in the camper. Make no mistake, these are fun, rugged outdoor pieces, they just have a refined look. From the plaid of the uber trendy Waylon ($69) to the urban look of the Mathis, Ecoths is nailing a levelheaded casual vibe, ideal for music festivals to fly fishing.

Many of their pieces have a cool lens cloth wisely placed inside the shirt tail. We love this. And you can feel nice wearing them. With the Ecoths’ Good Sam Program, for every article of clothing sold, a minimum of three meals go to Food Banks nation wide for someone in need.

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