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Outerbike: Moab, Utah

Outerbike: Moab, Utah- your ticket to ride…everything


In this stunning video, we share a heightened perspective of why Outerbike: Moab is a trail side demo for anyone on two wheels with a hankering for dirt.

We’ve been hitting up Outerbike: Moab, Utah  since it started. That’s a lot of bikes, a lot of trails and a lot of amazing people. From crashing hard and cold in the soob-a-room to an all access pass and a warm condo, we’ve watched this conceptual trail demo become the best opportunity anywhere for people of all walks to hop on their could-be dream bikes and head into the desert … or the mountains.

Outerbike: bring out the groms, because this event is for every rider in the family. Photo- Terrance Siemon.

If you’re looking for a new rig, or just love to ride what’s out there, this is your chance. This isn’t just for cool guys and hammer heads. This event is for everyone

Check out Outbike at 9,000 feet in Mt. Crested Butte .

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