Don’t miss this bus. Located near Mesa Verde National Park, between Cortez and Durango, Colorado, this 1957 refurbished Chevrolet School bus has been completely remodeled into a comfortable accommodation just outside the small farm and ranching community of Mancos.

The owner, who goes by Sarah, called it a most distinctive place travelers can come across, with ample privacy.

There is a queen size bed, wood burning and gas cooking stove, a small refrigerator and table and chairs on tiled floors, all on 40 acres of juniper berry and sagebrush. There is running water and a full bathroom next door.

Outside, an original school bus seat next to pallet complete a patio.

One guest called it simply awesome. “The kitchen had everything we needed to make breakfast and dinner, (and we) watched an amazing sunset and sat on the roof to watch the stars.”

Another said the size was right, and the location ideal.

“This was a cool little space, and for me, perfectly located,” they said. “Quick and easy access to the river, several trails and downtown. It is a small space, but very cozy.”

Between Mesa Verde and the mountains, Mancos is a hub for the 13,000-foot peaks of the La Plata Mountains, a few minutes from town, and close to the famed Phil’s World mountain bike trail system and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, both short drives west.

Sarah called it “simple, organic living, close to town, but still in the woods – a very unique experience.”

$75 and up.