In snowboarding it all begins with where you put your feet. 

While snowboarding, you’re locked in place on the board, unlike surfing and skateboarding where you can change the position of your feet, aka your stance, at any time. While it may seen awkward at first, being locked in place is part of the fun. Becoming one with your board is perhaps the very essence of snowboarding, and it all begins with where you place your feet.

We talk with John Agnew, owner of The Boarding Haus at the foot of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado as he walks us through some basics of how to set your snowboard stance. First word of advice: Think like a duck.

What he means is to have both feet angled out to about 15 degrees.

“It forces you to ride more center-weight on your board,” he said. “It also forces you to ride a little bit more bent kneed.”

Watch Agnew in his shop as he explains.