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Voormi Tech Tee. Photo by Laurie Kain

This small batch Colorado-made merino wool brand has its roots dug deep in the mountains, and their use of wool and synthetics makes for a fabric ready for adventure. Here’s a look at the Voormi Dual Surface UL Tech Tee.  Voormi’s Dual Surface UL Tech Tee. Also available in long sleeve…(Read More)

Homemade is always better. See why people are crazy for this hand made salve. By Brandon Mathis Inspired by and made with all natural ingredients brought to you by Mother Nature, Bear Balm is a natural and organic solution for some of life’s itchiest problems. Kimberly George of Durango, Colorado, has been making her…(Read More)

The Osprey Mutant backpack with ice tools attached. Photo by Laurie Kain

Osprey Mutant 22


As the smallest of the Mutant series, the Osprey Mutant 22 liter pack packs plenty of punch The Osprey Mutant 22.  Ice tools not included, but the spirit of adventure is. Photo by Laurie Kain. Osprey Mutant 22 by Brandon Mathis The Osprey Mutant 22 and larger sizes in  the series make up…(Read More)

The Petzl Bindi Headlamp : a minimalist’s dream. It might be small but it is fierce by Brandon Mathis The Petzl Bindi Headlamp is Petzl’s new ultra-light weather-proof USB rechargeable minimalist headlamp with a maximum 200 lumen burn time of two hours. We’re fans of several of  Petzl’s lighting options…(Read More)

The OllyDog OllyBottle: Your pet will love you for it. by Brandon Mathis  The Ollydog OllyBottle will save the day. Our pets get just as thirsty as we do, and while we try to remember to stuff the water bowl in our packs, we often forget. Then, no matter how proud we are of sharing…(Read More)

Imagine a thin ribbon material that when you heat it up softens to a moldable substance to be shaped, bent, contoured and formed into anything you need, and when it cools it’s strong as steel. That’s Forj Thermoplastic Tape-Ribbon. by Brandon Mathis One inch of Forj Tape has a tensile strength of…(Read More)

The Patch style has fashion-forward function, from summits to Saturday nights. By Brandon Mathis One of our staffers kept raving about her Forsake Patch shoes, so we had to take a look. We knew we liked this brand. Long story short, a couple of ski bum buddies from the East Coast found themselves trying…(Read More)

  We like the goodr Swedish Meatball Hangover, Donkey Goggles, and Iced by Yetis. By Brandon Mathis Goodr sunglass company was founded on a few observations about active eyewear: 1. Classic style was getting lost in the madness. 2. Eyewear was over-engineered and over-complicated. 3. Too expensive. You paid how much for those…(Read More)

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