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  We like the goodr Swedish Meatball Hangover, Donkey Goggles, and Iced by Yetis. By Brandon Mathis Goodr sunglass company was founded on a few observations about active eyewear: 1. Classic style was getting lost in the madness. 2. Eyewear was over-engineered and over-complicated. 3. Too expensive. You paid how much for those…(Read More)

Osprey SnowKit Duffel

Osprey SnowKit Duffel: Part travel organizer, part backpack, this portable gear-locker gets you packed and ready to go. story and photos by Brandon Mathis Helmet. Check. Boots. Check. Goggles. Check. Gloves… Gloves? Winter. It’s a tough season. If you’re like us you’re in a constant state of flux between stuffing gear…(Read More)

Hoka’s new low (er) height trail shoe offers grip, spring and a fast feel on the trail. Story and photos by Brandon Mathis Hoka One One is all about the ride. Soft and marshmallowy, they have built their brand on maximal plushness. Not everyone loves the height and gushiness of the Hoka dynasty and…(Read More)

Backpacking Gourmet


If you haven’t tasted today’s new flavors of camping food, you might wan’t to grab a spoon. Things have changed and we’re asking for seconds. Here are three of our favorite heat and eat meals for any adventure.  Bon apéttit! Story and photos by Brandon Mathis We were done. Smoked…(Read More)

This CBD oil is mother-in-law approved.  We’ve long heard the benefits of medical cannabinoids for pain and discomfort, but like many others, we’ve kept on pumping NSAIDs – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – into our guts and cringing at the thought of what we were doing to our insides. On a whim…(Read More)

Van life: Sync Vans


Van Go- Van Gone: Sync Vans dial it in for the style traveler by Brandon Mathis As seasoned adventure road tripping travelers, we know a good thing when we see one when it comes to travel comfort, efficiency, convenience and storage for all our fun stuff. So, when we bumped into the Sync Vans crew…(Read More)

Sawyer Water Filters


We’re always asked what we do about water when we’re out doing what we do.  It’s simple: we treat it. Here are two systems worth a look.  Treating water when you’re in the field doesn’t mean you have to stop and pump and clean and hassle with heavy and cumbersome…(Read More)

Light, small, easy and fast, The Nemo Spike Storm is a good choice for the traveler looking for quality practical shelter at a cost they can live with.  words and photos by Brandon Mathis We’ve slept in a bivy (short for bivouac: a tiny, mummy style one person tent) one too many times. They…(Read More)

Tent. Pack. Stove. Quilt? Therm-A-Rest, long known for their sleeping pads, has entered the world of sleeping bags, blankets and quilts. That’s right, quilts. Introducing the Therm A Rest Corus HD Quilt Insulation, especially down, relies on loft to withhold heat. Much of the insulating properties are lost when loft is compressed…(Read More)

Osprey Pack’s classic mountain bike hydration pack is still getting better words by Brandon Mathis, photos by Bee Alaine Mathis Long lost friend  Sometime around the early 1990s mountain bikers started wearing water on their backs. It took a few years, but the rest of the market caught on, and by the mid 2000s…(Read More)

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