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Tent. Pack. Stove. Quilt? Therm-A-Rest, long known for their sleeping pads, has entered the world of sleeping bags, blankets and quilts. That’s right, quilts. Introducing the Therm A Rest Corus HD Quilt Insulation, especially down, relies on loft to withhold heat. Much of the insulating properties are lost when loft is compressed…(Read More)

Osprey Pack’s classic mountain bike hydration pack is still getting better words by Brandon Mathis, photos by Bee Alaine Mathis Long lost friend  Sometime around the early 1990s mountain bikers started wearing water on their backs. It took a few years, but the rest of the market caught on, and by the mid 2000s…(Read More)

Stoked Stix from Stoked Roasters: real instant coffee that tastes wonderful, packs a punch and saves your morning. When you’re getting up super early and running super late to go skiing, running, climbing, biking or whatever, you’ve got to be on it. And if you’re like us, coffee is a must. So…(Read More)

 How to explore Bears Ears National Monument and surrounding areas While we’ve all heard plenty about Bears Ears National Monument in in southeastern Utah, we don’t all know much about it. Those who do have wandered among its labyrinths of canyons and mesas, gazed silently at ancient ruins, climbed tall cracked cliff faces…(Read More)

Osprey Lumina

Super light doesn’t have to mean super uncomfortable. Words by Brandon Mathis, Photos by Terrance Siemon Rocking the ultralight backpacking and thru-hiker’s world of weight watching and gram counting, Osprey Packs’ Levity/Lumina series breaks barriers between lightweight and comfort. It’s no secret that this pack isn’t for everyone, and…(Read More)

Gear from Tailwind Nurition, Garmin and Yaktrax:  small items that make a big splash. Big things come in little boxes. We’ve picked  three items from Tailwind Nutrition, Garmin and Yaktrax that we found to make a big difference in how we enjoy our adventures. We think every outdoor enthusiast would like them. story and…(Read More)

Black Diamond ice screw

“Everybody loves ice screws,” said Dawn Glanc. One the most accomplished ice climbers in the nation if not the world, Glanc pushes the genre, and when the ice gets steep, she starts drilling. Here, she reveals the ever-elusive ice screw and gives us her two cents on how to use them. Glanc uses a…(Read More)

Osprey Transporter

Osprey took their beloved Transporter duffels and shlackered them up with a coat of armor, making a tough bag even tougher. Meet the Osprey Transporter Expedition. by Brandon Mathis Its called TPU: Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and it’s perfect for the outdoors. It’s burly and abrasion-resistant. It’s strong; your collapsable ski poles aren…(Read More)

Five Ten Hellcat

 The flat bed shoe that clips right in. Features: SPD compatible / Stealth C4  outsole /  Leather/ synthetic upper / Velcro bone-out strap / Breathable mesh tongue   vibration-dampening shank / compression-molded EVA midsole Words and photos by Brandon Mathis It’s a debate in mountain biking: to clip or not to clip. Being based between the…(Read More)

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