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This minimalistic fashion forward boot is all about your feet, and it looks good too. The Lems Boulder Boot blends lightweight, minimalistic good-for-your-feet footwear with a little bit of ruggedness and a lot of style. Photo by Brandon Mathis. By Brandon Mathis There really is something to this whole minimalist thing. We…(Read More)

Voormi Tech Tee. Photo by Laurie Kain

This small batch Colorado-made merino wool brand has its roots dug deep in the mountains, and their use of wool and synthetics makes for a fabric ready for adventure. Here’s a look at the Voormi Dual Surface UL Tech Tee.  Voormi’s Dual Surface UL Tech Tee. Also available in long sleeve…(Read More)

Homemade is always better. See why people are crazy for this hand made salve. By Brandon Mathis Inspired by and made with all natural ingredients brought to you by Mother Nature, Bear Balm is a natural and organic solution for some of life’s itchiest problems. Kimberly George of Durango, Colorado, has been making her…(Read More)

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