Forsake shoes look casual but have a tough personality


Created: Friday, November 16, 2018 8:00 am

The Patch style has fashion-forward function, from summits to Saturday nights.

By Brandon Mathis

One of our staffers kept raving about her Forsake Patch shoes, so we had to take a look. We knew we liked this brand. Long story short, a couple of ski bum buddies from the East Coast found themselves trying to figure out how to make a living doing what they loved out West. Noticing their ill-equipped footwear after days on the slopes while trekking through sloppy parking lots and winter conditions, they had an idea: a casual-looking shoe with a tough personality.

What we found from Forsake was a sturdy shoe that had all the chops of a mountain-savvy hiker but with tons of style and finesse. Using what Forsake calls Hydro-Guard, the shoe is waterproof, and we knew that from testing some of the first models they ever released.

An effective membrane seals elements out – even around the shoe laces – making this a fearless for outdoor events, rambles through any season or two-stepping around the bar. Mix a nice leather waterproof upper, comfortable EVA mid-sole and a grippy outsole underneath with a summit-to-Saturday night vibe, this is truly a do-it-all shoe for a do-it-all kind of lady.

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