Imagine a thin ribbon material that when you heat it up softens to a moldable substance to be shaped, bent, contoured and formed into anything you need, and when it cools it’s strong as steel. That’s Forj Thermoplastic Tape-Ribbon.

The makers of Forj Tape call it the strongest most moldable material on earth. If only MacGyver had this stuff.Laurie Kain

One inch of Forj Tape has a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds, according to makers ResinFiber LLC. And at less than 8 ounces for 100 feet, it’s lighter than you would ever guess.

In technical terms, Forj is a high-strength thermoplastic fiber polyethylene fiber impregnated with a low temperature thermoplastic polymer matrix. In English, it’s a plastic that is soft when hot and hard when cooled. It’s handy for golf clubs and fishing rod handles and hammers and tool grips, but how about replacing links in broken chains? Forj has been used to create cords strong enough to haul dead trees, to make eating utensils, rope and string, to repair fences, to fashion splints and casts for emergency first-aid, and for household uses too many to be named. Paintable, malleable, reshapable and moisture and weather-resistant, makers of Forj call it the strongest, most adaptable material on Earth.