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When you load up your mountain bike, running shoes or hiking boots, don’t forget a beer mug. by Morgan Sjogren  MONTICELLO, UTAH TRAILS: The lower Indian Creek Trail is a 6.5 mile singletrack treasure that takes you from the Abajo Mountains and drops into Indian Creek—a mountain to desert journey landing you…(Read More)

Making monumental mistakes during my first 50k so that you don’t have to. Words & Photos by Tiona Eversole We all make mistakes. The real bummer is realizing that multiple mistakes have been made over the course of 32.5 miles. If you are thinking about attempting your first ultramarathon in the near future…(Read More)

Mother’s Day kayak and raft tradition still splashing after 60 years photos by Britt Runyon Pilar, New Mexico – the Mother’s Day Rio Grande Whitewater Races, the second oldest organized river race in the country, will once again host kayakers and rafters, canoers, spectators, campers and Dutch Oven Cookoff competitors from May 11 to…(Read More)

The Van Life. Casper, Wyoming.

Some say  ‘living in a van down by the river’  like it’s a bad thing.  Truth is, telecommuting, WiFi hotspots, solar power and 4-wheel drive never sounded so good. The so-called van life and the hashtag that goes with it is clearly more about the life than it is about the van…(Read More)

Tony Herdsman. Pedal Durango. Colorado.

Tony Hermesman of Pedal Durango loves bikes. BMX bikes. Mountain bikes, road bikes. If it has two wheels and is human powered, chances are he’s ridden it. words by Brandon Mathis, photos by Tony Hermesman,  “Biking is a lot of things to me,” Hermesman said.  “It saved me in high school and gave me…(Read More)

Rock climbing in this secret gem is as captivating as it is tough, and the more you know about its history, the stranger it gets. by Brandon Mathis On the western outskirts of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, narrow canyons form hallways of hard volcanic rock, rounded smooth from wind and rain. Corridors are hidden…(Read More)

mountain biking Hartman Roacks

Storms rumbled across the sky to the north. The sound of fine-crushed granite was music to our ears as we hovered around corners, tires slipping underneath us. We laughed. We drifted, thrilled and scared all at once. The next 10 minutes of steep climbing led to a plain of sage set against a backdrop…(Read More)

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