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Winter has a story, each storm like a chapter in a book. We spend a day with avalanche forecaster Jeff Davis, one of the world’s best, to see how forecasters read the snow. By Margaret Hedderman “Not everything is face shots and high fives,” says Jeff Davis, though something in his voice tells me…(Read More)

Is the Red Mountain Alpine Lodge the next best thing to a mountain chalet in Europe? No, it’s better. It’s in Southwest Colorado. By Brandon Mathis When mountain guide business partners Nate Disser and Mark Iuppenlatz got the idea to build a full-service, solar-powered, off-the-grid A-frame lodge loaded…(Read More)

In Cyclocross the rider has as much grit as the terrain. Sarah Sturm takes us into the pits where we see the mud, sweat and gears of the sport. By Sarah Sturm As you grip a cold beer in one hand, your other holds a cowbell with your winter gloves, your puffy jacket pressed against…(Read More)

Resorts make improvements that will make this season fun and memorable. By Patrick Armijo Ski resort owners in Southwest Colorado are looking to move forward to winter 2018-19 and the predicted El Niño weather pattern, which is favorable to snowfall in Southwest Colorado. “(W)e head into the 2018/2019 winter season with…(Read More)

Santa Fe Adventure Pro

Lured by good skiing, green chile and a dose of sun in the Land of Enchantment, we headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico and found it. A weekend getaway in this centuries-old capital city is like taking a trip around the world, just 45 minutes from Albuquerque. Mild winter temperatures, spring conditions, adobe and…(Read More)

Purgatory Snowcat Adventures

When we rolled up to Purgatory Snowcat Adventures on a foggy morning in February, we weren’t sure if it was the day for a cat skiing. Lucky for us, things at the Southwest Colorado-based business were about to change. A lull in winter storms had the best of the Southern Rockies getting tracked…(Read More)

Heath C.  Scott writes about what it was like being a pacer for the legendary Kirk Apt during the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. By Heath C. Scott Kirk Apt is a legend in the ultra-runner community, but he’d never tell you that. Under a crystalline sky following a furious lightning storm in the…(Read More)

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