Looking for a cool place to crash? Check out these sweet pads, from refined alpine cottages to a desert trailer with a view.

While a Durango vacation rental is a popular item, not all are so close to downtown. For the Stonehouse, leave your car at home. This refinished Main Avenue cobblestone loft is in the middle of everything in downtown Durango. Walk to the pubs and cafés, walk to the river or walk to the woods.

A labor of love two years in the making for the building’s owner, Manhattan transplant George Schmidt renovated the entire building. He called it the perfect project.

Inside natural wood tones blend with hatch windows and simple contemporary furniture.

“I have a background in design and I worked in a cabinet shop doing upscale cabinets in Brooklyn,” he said. “I’ve always loved that kind of earthy vibe.”

Schmidt came to visit a friend five years ago to do some backcountry snowboarding and hasn’t looked back since. When he found the Stonehouse, he got busy.

The loft sits across from Buckley Park, on the northside of Durango’s business district. It has a king size bed, a clawfoot tub and shower, and a modern, equipped kitchen.

The Animas River Trial is a few blocks away, and hiking, trail running and mountain biking opportunities abound within in every direction.

“It gives me everything I love about the city and all the things about living in Durango,” Schmidt said.

$150 per night