The Dry Fork Loop is a 20-minute drive from downtown Durango. This is a beautiful forest meander though gamble oak and conifers. and the view of the La PLata Mountains at the trail head stays in your mind, so while you cant see the mountains, your certainly among them. It’s easy access and separation from civilization makes it a great choice for a short but challenging ride. It’ll give you a solid dose of the Colorado Trail, a quick taste of the technical trails riding, and a small bite of the classic high country rides the area offers.

This 9-mile loop will also open doors for other possible rides.

Option: Start this ride from town. Go west up 25th Street, which becomes Junction Creek Road, to the Colorado Trail. Ride the trail up to Gudy’s Rest, about 4 miles. Either come back the same way or take a left onto Hoffheins Connection and go back toward town out U.S. Highway 160 (reverse the directions in “getting there” below). Beware that people flock to the Colorado Trail trailhead on nice days and weekends.