Let’s face it, if you’re mountain biking for fun then you don’t have to dress like a superhero. More than ever joy riders are finding that style meets function at every turn.

1) Get modern

Helmets are built around safety and ventilation, and modern designs are borrowing from other sports, blending hi tech with fashion that feels cool, looks cool and protects well.

2) Business casual

Companies like The North Face, Zoic and Club Ride are producing button-up tops that look as good off the trail and they do on, made from breathable and quick-drying materials.

3) Chairmen of the Board shorts

We love donning so-called baggy shorts on the trail. They slip right on over those liners, and offer a few extra pockets as well. It’s all like a breath of fresh air.

4) Rock socks

Something this simple can’t be overlooked. Today’s sock market is a multi-million dollar industry – little billboards on your legs. Your favorite bike shop even has their logo on a pair. Find a height that you like and go with it. It’s always nice to have a few extra pair of riding socks around.

5) A mile in these shoes

Clip or clipless, cycling shoes are worth the investment. Their stiff soles make pedaling more efficient, and many feature hike-friendly outsoles that can venture off the trail, where other cycling shoes don’t go.

6) If the glove fits

Gloves protect your hands from injury and keep your grips dry, which is pretty important since you want to hang onto those. Most of today’s riders go with full fingers. Touch screen-compatible and thin material make these breathable and comfortable.