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Ouray, Colorado.

Ouray Trail Day


Ouray: Mountains, valleys, hotsprings and chocolate, this mountain town is quintessential Colorado words and photos by Brandon Mathis The gateway to Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Ouray is a mining town turned slice of paradise. Crested with a ring of jagged peaks and nestled in the first relatively flat ground north of the San Juans…(Read More)

14er, fourteener

From luxurious hotels to outdoor adventures, Telluride has a little something for everyone. Words by Tiona Eversole Nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado, Telluride is the perfect town for those looking to escape in search of clear alpine lakes, waterfalls and jagged peaks. Spend your time getting out to explore this corner of the…(Read More)

How the Zia/Ska/Trek Mountain Bike Race Team in Durango, Colorado embraces the finer things in life.  Words by Brandon Mathis, Photos by Terrance Siemon Mentors Matter On a still summer night in the foothills above Durango, Colorado, a mountain biker comes careening down a swinging ribbon of single track. Their form is textbook…(Read More)

Bull of the Woods trail run

From high alpine mountains to desert mesas, here are our picks to keep on your radar this running season. Words By Tiona Eversole ARIZONA AZT North Rim Ramble August 26th, 2018 Jacob Lake Northern Arizona is packed with many desert gems. The North Rim Ramble course takes you through spruce, pine and aspen forest, and…(Read More)

Runner, climber and part-time vagabond, Michael Versteeg has no end in sight. And that is just the way he likes it. words and photo by Morgan Sjogren Even if you’ve heard Versteeg’s name before, perhaps from ultramarathon race results or his acclaimed record run on the Arizona Trail, you probably don’t…(Read More)

Rock climbing in this secret gem is as captivating as it is tough, and the more you know about its history, the stranger it gets. by Brandon Mathis On the western outskirts of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, narrow canyons form hallways of hard volcanic rock, rounded smooth from wind and rain. Corridors are hidden…(Read More)

Every spring bands of snowboarders converge on a tiny Rocky Mountain town in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to explore the backcountry opportunities that abound. But they’re not you typical snowboarders. They’re split boarders. It’s called splitboarding: a genre of snowboarding that relies on boards that split in two to be used…(Read More)

Whether you’re running, backpacking, hiking or just out for a stroll the Bear Creek National Recreation Trail is Rocky Mountain country hiking at its best. By Brandon Mathis Who: Ambitious hikers, history buffs, trail runners, backpackers and bighorn sheep. What: A stunning, rigorous historic trail that climbs a mountain drainage area through mining history…(Read More)

trail running Durango

Who wants to go for a trail run after work? Us too. by Brandon Mathis No matter if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned ultra marathoner, there’s nothing quite like a nice trail run in the mountains. Looking over the town where you live helps. If you should find yourself in…(Read More)

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