Yoga is for everyone, and with a few simple items anyone can enjoy their practice in style and comfort. Here are five things to consider to go along with those sun salutations, with a little help from seasoned yoga instructor at Yoga Durango in Durango, Colorado, Heather Hooten.

1) Breathable fabrics

“Just comfortable pants and a comfortable shirt, and depending on what you’re practicing, something with some breathability if you tend to sweat,” says Hooten, a 15-year yoga veteran.

2) Free your toes

Indoors or out, it’s customary to check your shoes at the door.

3) Prop towel

Towels can help you create more grip after you start to sweat, according to Hooten. They can also be used for sitting or levelling your sit bones in various poses.

4) The mat’s where it’s at

“A mat is going to give you a defined space,” says Hooten, and also it’s going to provide some cushion, and it’s also going to give you some grip and some stick so your feet and your hands have a little bit of traction to help encourage you in your pose.”

They are available in various sizes, try different ones until you find what you like.

5) Hydration station

“Water is very important,” Hooten says, “but some teachers will discourage drinking during your practice because having a full bladder can inhibit some poses.”

Consider beginning hydrated and be ready to re-hydrate after your session.