Artist expresses her connection to the outdoors through pen and ink, among other mediums

mountain biking art pen & ink
“Be Present,” by Renee Hutchens

I created this ink drawing from a photo taken this past December on a solo mountain bike ride at Dead Horse State Park in Moab, Utah. I created the drawing to remind myself and others to take time to honor yourself, where you are and how far you’ve come. I absolutely love riding on the mesas along the rim in Moab because of the viewpoints and perspectives it offers. To me it represents myself — I am the rim that I stand and ride on. I am often lifted above life’s challenges to gain new perspectives that lend me the strength to help me journey ahead.

Artist Bio:

Renee Hutchens is a Navajo artist from northern Arizona residing in Fort Collins, Colorado. She likens her art to traditional storytelling, a beautiful practice that has preserved her Navajo culture since the beginning. She enjoys sharing her story, thoughts and feelings through oil, ink, pencil and pastels.

She views her art as a way to feel who she is and the world around her — drawing upon the belief that our life experiences shape who we are today. “We exist in a complex web of connections with people and places that become interwoven in our lives, says Hutchens. “These life experiences and relationships to people and places are what inspire me to create art.”