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snowboard stance

In snowboarding it all begins with where you put your feet.  By Brandon Mathis While snowboarding, you’re locked in place on the board, unlike surfing and skateboarding where you can change the position of your feet, aka your stance, at any time. While it may seen awkward at first, being locked in place is…(Read More)

Colorado’s sister cirque: British Columbia’s Powder Highway provides a haven of deep snow in the Rockies Taking a breather before dropping into Greeley Bowl with Brown Shorts couloir in view at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia. Photo by Morgan Tilton. By Morgan Tilton My boots crunch against the sand and crushed seashells…(Read More)

The Tiger Tail home massage tool is a small do-it-yourself foam roller that can be used to roll away the blues from aches and pains, sore muscles, or just a rough day at the office.  The official Tiger Tail Roller is the final result of founder Spring Faussett’s designs inspired while…(Read More)

Time this right and you’ll the be the only ones for miles Sunrise over Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii, Navajo for valley of the rocks. Most people know it as Monument Valley.  Photo by Brandon Mathis. By Brandon Mathis Winter rocks but sometimes a little desert solitaire is good for the soul. These days, it’s…(Read More)

Voormi Tech Tee. Photo by Laurie Kain

This small batch Colorado-made merino wool brand has its roots dug deep in the mountains, and their use of wool and synthetics makes for a fabric ready for adventure. Here’s a look at the Voormi Dual Surface UL Tech Tee.  Voormi’s Dual Surface UL Tech Tee. Also available in long sleeve…(Read More)

Xander Bianchi of the Ouray Ice Park takes us into a scientific poetic world of water and ice in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Karsten Delap navigates through a delicate curtain, striking a graceful balance between frozen water, gravity and infatuation. Eureka, Colorado. Photo by Xander Bianchi. By Xander Bianchi Where to begin? At 32…(Read More)

Homemade is always better. See why people are crazy for this hand made salve. By Brandon Mathis Inspired by and made with all natural ingredients brought to you by Mother Nature, Bear Balm is a natural and organic solution for some of life’s itchiest problems. Kimberly George of Durango, Colorado, has been making her…(Read More)

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