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San Luis high country mountain biking

Nestled between Colorado’s San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges, the 8,0000-square-mile San Luis Valley is a slice of off-the-radar Colorado waiting to be discovered. story by Brandon Mathis. Penitente Canyon – Brink Messick and Mick Daniel are surveying a desert landscape from the saddles of their mountain bikes…(Read More)

From the mountains to the desert, Telluride and Sedona are the perfect adventure destinations for when the weather turns warm. The choice is yours in Sedona, Arizona. Photo by Brandon Mathis. Telluride. The most Colorado place on earth. A high country lake above Telluride, Colorado. Photo courtesy of The Telluride Board of Tourism. Telluride, Colorado…(Read More)

When the world goes quiet: A highliner’s journey across Durango landmarks Highliner Sean Englund prepares to cross a 500-foot gap between Twin Buttes outside Durango, Colorado. Photo by Weston Brock. By Weston Brock Great highliners have vision. In their world, geography takes on a whole new potential. They’re always looking for the…(Read More)

In the high-alpine of the Southwest Colorado, Peak Mountain Guides is on a mission to emulate the iconic hut-to-hut routes of the European Alps. Keith Garvey, co-owner of Peak Mountain Guides in Ouray, Colorado, is one of only 150 people in the U.S. with the international-level certification IFMGA (International…(Read More)

These women have rocked the boat in the outdoors, and they did it by just being themselves. Sarah Sturm has made a career out of getting muddy all over the world. Photo courtesy of Sarah Sturm. By Brandon Mathis From a soccer player turned cycling champion, a southern belle turned world renowned alpinist, a public…(Read More)

These affordable low-profile cycling gloves hit a sweet spot with function and fun. It’s Taco’d Taco- Tuesday at Hand Up Gloves. Photo by Brandon Mathis. By Brandon Mathis At first we did a double take, but then we confirmed it: There’s a margarita on the index finger of these gloves. Where…(Read More)

This minimal all-weather jacket sparks to life in unexpected conditions. The Outdoor Research Interstellar Jacket is an award winning technical piece from the Seattle company. Photo by Bee Aline Mathis. By Brandon Mathis It was amazingly still at 3:30 a.m. in the Valley of the Gods outside Bluff, Utah. The stars dominated…(Read More)

They don’t call Telluride the most Colorado place on Earth for nothing. There’s plenty to do on and off the slopes in this charming and rustic San Juan Mountains town. The San Juan Mountains provide the backdrop for Telluride, Colorado, also known as “the most Colorado place on Earth.” Photo courtesy of The…(Read More)

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