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After a few years of cancellations, you can catch one of the iconic sports in the mountainous West. By Jonathan Romeo Lynn Whipple runs her dogsled on groomed trails in Silverton in 2017. Organizers plan to run the Silverton Flying Sled Dog Races on Jan. 12 and Jan. 13, after weather caused the cancellation of…(Read More)

Nature has a way of telling you what’s up. You just have to listen. By Brandon Mathis You don’t have to be huckin’ fatties and droppin’ into Gnarville to find yourself in avalanche terrain. In the western U.S., and anywhere where mountains are steep and get enough snow, there are avalanches. Avalanches…(Read More)

Resorts make improvements that will make this season fun and memorable. By Patrick Armijo Ski resort owners in Southwest Colorado are looking to move forward to winter 2018-19 and the predicted El Niño weather pattern, which is favorable to snowfall in Southwest Colorado. “(W)e head into the 2018/2019 winter season with…(Read More)

Don’t let snow and ice keep you from lacing up your running shoes this winter. By Brandon Mathis “There’s something really amazing about running through an aspen grove or down these trails where it’s just totally silent because of the snow. It’s a pretty special experience for any runner. – Liz Blair…(Read More)

Getting bummed when the seasons change is real. Here’s how to deal with it. By Brandon Mathis Time change. Short days. Foul weather and gray skies. It’s not exactly the kind of day to get outside, but it is the day you should. Seasonal affective disorder – commonly known as SAD – is a clinically…(Read More)

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