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Time this right and you’ll the be the only ones for miles Sunrise over Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii, Navajo for valley of the rocks. Most people know it as Monument Valley.  Photo by Brandon Mathis. By Brandon Mathis Winter rocks but sometimes a little desert solitaire is good for the soul. These days, it’s…(Read More)

Dunton Hot Springs

One more gift from the mountains: soothing, natural hot springs. We put together a list of the most celebrated hot springs across the Southwest to bring you these magic mountain waters. 1. HEALING WATERS, PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO In a place known for its geothermal activity, these all-natural and undiluted mineral springs are the oldest…(Read More)

Twenty-one days below the rim: Photographer Matt Sloan plugs into a deeper meaning by unplugging from everything else. Story and photos by Matt Sloan Barely opening my eyes, I wiped the grit from my face as I finally gave in to the morning light. It was a restless night. Strong winds had been whipping…(Read More)

Bears Ears National Monument

These southwest adventure destinations might not all be synonymous with epic adventure, but they sure could be. Take a look at why we love them and why we think you will too.  by Brandon Mathis 1) BLUFF, UTAH You might not think of Bluff, Utah (population 258) as a major destination – and that’s what…(Read More)

Bull of the Woods trail run

From high alpine mountains to desert mesas, here are our picks to keep on your radar this running season. Words By Tiona Eversole ARIZONA AZT North Rim Ramble August 26th, 2018 Jacob Lake Northern Arizona is packed with many desert gems. The North Rim Ramble course takes you through spruce, pine and aspen forest, and…(Read More)

Runner, climber and part-time vagabond, Michael Versteeg has no end in sight. And that is just the way he likes it. words and photo by Morgan Sjogren Even if you’ve heard Versteeg’s name before, perhaps from ultramarathon race results or his acclaimed record run on the Arizona Trail, you probably don’t…(Read More)

Put this charmer in the mountains of Northern Arizona on your bucket list.  words and photos by Katie Kelley Pine is a one-of-a-kind adventure playground. You would miss it in the blink of an eye if you didn’t know it was there. That being said, Pine residents enjoy the magical secret…(Read More)

Making monumental mistakes during my first 50k so that you don’t have to. Words & Photos by Tiona Eversole We all make mistakes. The real bummer is realizing that multiple mistakes have been made over the course of 32.5 miles. If you are thinking about attempting your first ultramarathon in the near future…(Read More)

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