Have you ever wondered what those extra holes on the upper part of your shoe were all about? Nobody uses them, so why are they even there?

We thought you’d never ask.

Lacing shoes up to those eyelets, cinches your heel down. By tightening the shoe independently around the ankle, runners reach a reassuring and secure fit that allows the rest of the lacing to remain more comfortable. Many runners have issues with heel lifting causing blisters, friction somewhere on their feet or pressure on their toes, and this lacing method can significantly alleviate that.

Here’s how:

1) Following a traditional lace up, pull the lace up and push it through that screwy extra eyelet on the same side, leaving a bit of the lace that forms a loop between the two eyelets.

2) Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the shoe. Make sure there is enough loop to slide a lace through.

3) Cross the first lace over the tongue and thread it through the opposite loop.

4) Cross the other lace over and thread it through the first loop.

5) Pull the laces taut, tie them up and feel the amazing sensation of a secure heel, snug ankle and comfortable upper as you carry off up the trail.