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America loves its national parks – sometimes a little too much, and overcrowding is a mounting concern. You can’t blame anyone for visiting in a treasure like Zion National Park, but you can get away from the crowds. Here are five ways to get ahead of the pack and have your own adventure. 1) Early…(Read More)

In the 1930s when the nation’s Civilian Conservation Corps began construction of an ambitious trail that would carry hikers 1,400 feet up and across a daring narrow fin in Zion National Park, Utah, no one would have guessed it would become one of the most popular hikes in the National Park System. Anyone…(Read More)

Page, Arizona: Many know the area for Lake Powell, a man-made desert ocean of islands and inlets – the Colorado River dammed, covered with house boats and water skiers. But inland, this desert draws another kind, a breed that begs for long sprees of solitude and endurance. Meet the ultra runner. “There’s a…(Read More)