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Adventure ProYoga is for everyone, and with a few simple items anyone can enjoy their practice in style and comfort. Here are five things to consider to go along with those sun salutations, with a little help from seasoned yoga instructor at Yoga Durango in Durango, Colorado, Heather Hooten. 1) Breathable fabrics“Just comfortable…(Read More)


Yoga: It’s hard to say just how old this spiritual and physical practice is, but one thing is certain, it’s practiced today more than ever. Meet Surya Namaskara: The sun salutation. This foundation, and beginner-friendly vinyasa is a series of poses linked by breathes. It stretches every major muscle group in the…(Read More)

People of all ages and interests have embedded yoga in their daily lives. And it’s more than simple stretching and breathing. It’s a tool to calm, to resolve issues, to tune to the physical self and a conduit to connect with surroundings. In Sedona, Arizona, yoga enthusiasts gather every year at…(Read More)