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As the weather warms and the snow starts to melt, rivers begin to rise and rafts come out for the season. One of the best ways to take advantage of the early season high water is to start planning a multi-day river trip. Words by Tiona Eversole, photos by Taylor “Bama” Criswell & Jake…(Read More)

Imagine walking miles in remote areas of wilderness, crossing state lines and living off of the items you carry in your pack. It’s called thru-hiking, and that’s exactly what endurance athlete and thru-hiker Greg Mauger does. by Tiona Eversole It started in 2016, taking the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail…(Read More)

Gear from Tailwind Nurition, Garmin and Yaktrax:  small items that make a big splash. Big things come in little boxes. We’ve picked  three items from Tailwind Nutrition, Garmin and Yaktrax that we found to make a big difference in how we enjoy our adventures. We think every outdoor enthusiast would like them. story and…(Read More)

We’re entering into a new season and with that requires new digs! We’ve partnered with some of our fav brands in the biz – Osprey, Tailwind, Zuberfizz – to bring you a party pack of goodies to keep you stoked into the new season. Plus every winner will get Adventure Pro goodies,  a one-year…(Read More)

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