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Trail running is an invigorating way to spend time outside – while increasing your fitness and clearing your mind you get to act like one of our primal ancestors, dashing through the woods. Having the right shoe during that time outside is imperative. We talk to Colorado ultra runner Drew Gunn to get the lowdown…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered what those extra holes on the upper part of your shoe were all about? Nobody uses them, so why are they even there? We thought you’d never ask. Lacing shoes up to those eyelets, cinches your heel down. By tightening the shoe independently around the ankle, runners reach a…(Read More)

Page, Arizona: Many know the area for Lake Powell, a man-made desert ocean of islands and inlets – the Colorado River dammed, covered with house boats and water skiers. But inland, this desert draws another kind, a breed that begs for long sprees of solitude and endurance. Meet the ultra runner. “There’s a…(Read More)

Trail ready


When it comes to running in the cold and snow, it doesn’t take much to fend off the elements. We get a few bits of advice from globe trotting professional runner Anna “Frosty” Frost and Colorado running coach Bret Sublet on how to dress up when the temperatures go down. 1) Pick…(Read More)

Just because a little snow falls doesn’t mean your running regiment has to fall off the radar. Just ask this group of die hard trail heads. After a foot of fresh snow, they tore up the Rocky Mountains’ Colorado Trail looking for winter fun. And they found it.“It’s sometimes hard to…(Read More)

On the run


You were made to run. At least that’s what many scientists maintain. In fact, over long distances humans can outrun every animal on the planet, according to researchers from the University of Utah and Harvard University. It’s those lungs, all those sweat glands, über strong legs and glutes. It’s that incredible Achilles…(Read More)