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Petzl e+LITE


The Petzl e+LITE: a little light with big surprises When a world-renowned ultra runner tells you he likes to travel light and still carries a Petzl e+LITE everywhere he goes, take heed. The e+LITE is billed as an emergency headlamp. It won’t turn night into day, but it will make…(Read More)

Trail running is as rewarding as it is challenging. You get to workout and run amok at the same time. We chased down accomplished trail runner Joey Schrichte on his home trails of Durango, Colorado, to see how he tackles the ups and downs of tough terrain, and has fun doing it. “Trail running isn…(Read More)

Stevie Kremer

Salomon athlete and professional trail runner Stevie Kremer might not strike you as a force to be reckoned with on the trail. Her youthful smile, freckles, giddy nature and spunky demeanor are completely heartwarming – until she laces up. by Brandon Mathis When she hits the dirt, she’s gone. “I thought I was a lover…(Read More)

Some people call it a buff, while others might call it a headband, but, wait, it does way more than that… Whatever you call them (tube of fabric, do-hickie, neck warmer, headband, head sock, do-rag or Buff) they are astonishingly multi-functional for a number of uses and conditions, most involving those keeping…(Read More)

Trail running is a love affair between the runner and the trail. An empowering endurance activity with endless benefits to health and wellness, coupled with the peace and serenity of the natural world. Of course, it can be pretty gnarly too. “We spent a chilly day in autumn at Purgatory Resort’s first Mountain Marmot…(Read More)

running gait analysis

Running is perhaps the most natural exercise for a human being — we are simply built to run. But many haven’t been at it all of our lives, so when we do get the running bug, we need to go about things carefully. Our anatomy affects they way we move, our biomechanics dictate how we…(Read More)