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springtime in the Rockies

When temperatures rise, around the West that means boating, flip flops, BBQ, road rides and festivals. At times, you can do so much in one weekend that you’ll need the rest of the week to recover, just in time for the next one. It’s a mile-high spring fling. 1) Rock the boat…(Read More)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has spoken, and the outlook for winter 2015-16 has powder written all over it. In fact, many forecasters believe this winter could bring the strongest El Niño in 50 years. To get you psyched, we picked some out the best places to ride in the Southwest, so…(Read More)

Troy Wells


Name: Troy Wells What you do? Race mountain and cyclocross bikes for Team CLIF Bar. In my spare time, hack around the Four Corners golf courses. What got you into it? I started racing BMX as a kid and have basically raced bikes my entire life, except for a couple years of running in high…(Read More)