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stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding – SUP – has been around for centuries or longer, but it’s recently become one of the largest and fastest-growing outdoor activities in the U.S. In 2014 alone, Americans went out more than 13 million times for a paddle, according to the American Canoe Organization. So what is it? Think…(Read More)

Our staff pick videos from some favorite adventures and what you should give them try : Hit the sand Sandboarding in Alamosa, Colorado, was one of the most unique experiences we had this year. It was also more of a workout than we anticipated. It’s like snowboarding, but more difficult. “The main difference here is…(Read More)

Across the West, any town with a river running through it has water culture: Where ski bums and beach bums collide. It’s a taste of the beach at 8,000 feet above sea level. Boats, rafts and boards are stacked on cars or hanging out of truck beds. A blend of professional and haphazard…(Read More)

hal; stand up paddle boards

If you’ve looked at stand up paddleboards, you’ve seen the variety of shapes and sizes, Some are long and narrow, others are short and wide and the rest reside somewhere in between. Solid or inflatable, the bottom line is you’ll need to know what you’re going to use it for: From…(Read More)

Stand Up Paddle boarding

You can trace its evolutionary timeline from African warriors, standing and quietly paddling canoes to sneak up on their enemies to Polynesians island hopping for trade, from Hawaiian surfers venturing farther and farther off shore scouting for bigger waves to some of the biggest names is surf culture learning a new skill. Stand up paddle…(Read More)

Get in early and send a Telegraph: Ride the International Mountain Biking Assocation-certified epic Telegraph Trail network. Climb Raider Ridge and the new Medicine trail, then head into the Meadow or climb Telegraph. Check out Sidewinder, Crite’s, Cowboy and Big Canyon. Book a stand-up paddle board for glassy mountain waters yoga, or…(Read More)

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