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Every spring bands of snowboarders converge on a tiny Rocky Mountain town in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to explore the backcountry opportunities that abound. But they’re not you typical snowboarders. They’re split boarders. It’s called splitboarding: a genre of snowboarding that relies on boards that split in two to be used…(Read More)

Colorado Ice Climbing at it’s best: Silverton. Ice climbing Silverton: With an elevation of more than 9,000 feet above sea level, Silverton Colorado is one of the most celebrated destinations in the U.S. when it come stop ice climbing. Surrounded by many 13 and even some 14 thousand foot peaks, alpine snows…(Read More)

To get you psyched for winter, we picked some out the best places to ride in the Southwest, so get those boards waxed and grab your snorkel. This winter is going to be good. Purgatory This mountain north of Durango, Colorado, is ranked among the best of the Southwest for experience and setting. Ample sunshine…(Read More)

Autumn colors


Every year autumn colors burn bright across the mountains. Some call it the fall blaze. we call it awesome. Join us on a quick photo tour of some of our favorite places to visit when the seasons make their change. Nothing says get outside and play like autumn colors. Fallen leaves crunching under foot or…(Read More)

Grouse Gulch, Handies Peak

While many of Colorado’s summits can be difficult to reach, that’s not the case for all of them, even some of the tallest. Handies Peak, at 14,048 feet, is perhaps one of the most alluring mountain tops in the Rockies. Surrounded by wilderness, its vistas are uninterrupted: Nothing but mountains for miles…(Read More)

fat biking the Silverton Whiteout

When you’re crushing miles at the Silverton Whiteout, your bike doesn’t have to be the lightest on the snow, but a few things are key to get you over the kickers and through the finish line in one piece. You’ll need some winter footwear, some sick shades and don’t forget the…(Read More)

For the third year, the Silverton Whiteout has taken over Silverton, Colorado, a rustic community whose one paved street sits in the heart of the San Juan Mountains at 9,300 feet above sea level. The Whiteout is a fat bike race, but it’s more than a race: It’s a break from the…(Read More)

autumn mountain biking

Autumn’s hues are intoxicating, especially in the mountains. We catch them all with some Colorado high country mountain biking on the last days before the snow. Hours are magical. Moments are fleeting. And the colors change with every second. It’s a time unlike any other throughout the year. The light shifts. Groves of…(Read More)

Nem tents

Today’s modern tents are refined achievements in design and engineering. While their main purpose is shelter, the way they pack, the weight and density of the materials used and certain features of the tent will determine its best uses. by Brandon Mathis Here are a few things to consider when buying your next tent…(Read More)

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