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This Colorado cottage is a desert Oasis Tucked deep within the foothills between the soaring San Juan and Sangre de Christo mountains of southern Colorado, 13 miles from the tiny community of Del Norte, you’ll catch a scent of the ocean – a colorful cabin that was handmade with reused and recycled materials. The owners…(Read More)

You may have never set foot on the Hauer Ranch just outside Moab, Utah, but wander around long enough and it may seem a little familiar. That’s because it’s been the location of several major motion pictures, including two John Wayne films, one Disney movie and “City Slickers 2.” With a…(Read More)

The Wiesbaden


“American Beauty”Soaking in any Rocky Mountain hot springs is rejuvenating enough, but at The Historic Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Lodgings in Ouray, Colorado, you don’t just go outside to bask in the healing waters, you go underground. The vapor caves at the Wiesbaden, which actually means metal bath, have been long known…(Read More)

Looking for a cool place to crash? Check out these sweet pads, from refined alpine cottages to desert trailers with a view. After a cold day in the mountains, take your pick – soak in the indoor hot tub or take a steam shower – you might forget you’re in Silverton, Colorado. At 9,300 feet…(Read More)

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Unaweep Canyon yurt

Sleep under the stars in this modern yurt nestled in Unaweep Canyon, near Grand Junction, Colorado. This 30-foot diameter, 760 square-foot yurt sits on 25 acres, sleeps four and has a full size bathroom with a bear claw bath tub. “It’s situated in a pretty cool spot,” said owner and builder Nick…(Read More)

Mancos, Colorado

Don’t miss this bus. Located near Mesa Verde National Park, between Cortez and Durango, Colorado, this 1957 refurbished Chevrolet School bus has been completely remodeled into a comfortable accommodation just outside the small farm and ranching community of Mancos. The owner, who goes by Sarah, called it a most distinctive place travelers can come…(Read More)

Looking for a sweet place to crash? Check out these sweet pads, from refined alpine cottages to desert trailers with a view. This one bedroom, two bath A-frame sleeps four near Electra Lake, standing among the pines in the forests north of Durango. “It really looks like it’s floating,” said owner…(Read More)

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