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Chains are the lifeline of a bicycle. They keep the drive train turning and transmission churning. So why do we neglect them so? A happy chain shifts better, sounds better and lives longer, plus, your mechanic will thank you for it. We rolled into 2nd Avenue Sports in Durango, Colorado, where chain master Jay Speed…(Read More)

Hunter McIntyre Road Cycling

We follow body builder and Spartan racer Hunter McIntyre on his journey to a classic Rocky Mountain bicycle race. By Brandon Mathis Hunter McIntyre has been on an interesting ride. With a body building background and a smash hit career in obstacle course racing, would he be able to reach his next goal of the…(Read More)

These hand-picked rides capture a cross section of terrain, scenery and culture from bedrock desert to alpine mountains and everything in between. Welcome to the Southwest, where strips of pavement unfold like ribbons to Heaven across the landscape as far as the eye can see. If you have your road bike, get ready to…(Read More)

Lezyne Micro Drive Floor HP

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP: small pump that works big In the world of trailside repair, pocket-sized multi tools and portable life savers are essential. While some tools can be shrunk and crammed into a keychain-sized gadgets, others have a need to perform equal to or greater than their need to hide…(Read More)

Today’s top of the line cross-country mountain bikes are a combination of futuristic materials and genius engineering – the result of product development based on feedback from top cyclists riding in every condition imaginable.We caught up with professional cross-country mountain biker, Niner Bikes and Team Clif Bar athlete Ben Sonntag AKA…(Read More)

Flatting. It happens to every cyclist. You’re gliding through the ride of your life – and all of the sudden something is not right. PPSSSSSSSSSSSSSTT! Often at the worst possible time. For inner tubes there are pre-glued patches available – peel and stick. But nothing works as well as an old fashioned patch kit. If…(Read More)

“What’s in that thing?” They always ask. Well, we’ll tell ya. Having been on countless riding epics from the top of the Rockies to the desert floor, we’ve learned the hard way what we needed most but didn’t have. Here’s what you need when hitting the trail:1…(Read More)

For the last three years, Matt W. Dawson of Logan, Utah, has been a high school principal in China. With two master’s degrees in education, he’s an educator, period. But he’s also an explorer, an adventurer, a writer, a speaker and now, for the first time in his life, a cyclist. “I…(Read More)

SILVERTON – July is a busy month for the tiny mountain hamlet in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. Tourists pour in off a historic railroad for a dose of the old west and it’s rugged surroundings. Most of them will eat, shop and gaze into vistas, maybe drive Jeep roads into the high…(Read More)

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