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River towns


Down by the river. These Western cites and towns are where it’s at for mountain waters by Brandon Mathis Jackson, Wyoming Jackson isn’t just for ski bums. The Snake River curls through the landscape, Yellowstone and Grand Teton country, two staggering national parks that define wild and scenic western America. “I think that…(Read More)

The Dolores river

The 241-mile Dolores River is one of the most prized rivers in the American West. El rio de Nuestra de Dolores, the lady of the river of sorrow, is said to have been named by the Spanish explorer Juan Maria Antonio Rivera in 1765. The river used to run at an average of 1…(Read More)

The San Juan River, like many others, is a highly sensitive environment, operating in a delicate balance between the natural and modern world. To preserve the natural balance, strict regulations exist for campers and boaters to cover their tracks while in such areas. The fire is a fundamental and comforting component of camp, and can…(Read More)

San Juan River

The San Juan River corridor: one of the most fascinating places in the Southwest. Born in the Rocky Mountains, it flows 383 miles through desert to the Colorado River. A time warp into the Colorado plateau, it slices through hundreds of millions of years of the earth’s history and leaves a rich cultural story…(Read More)

river trips

Want to know how to mix a little adventure with relaxation? Take a river rafting float trip and bring along some good friends and good food. That’s how. 1) River menu Just because you’re out in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you have to eat like it. Nothing makes camp more…(Read More)

While space can be an issue, most recreational float trips aren’t counting grams, so you can haul some serious gear. These five items might not be light, but they are well worth their weight to keep you eating right, basking in comfort, and in line with river etiquette.1) Keep it cold Forget that…(Read More)

Floating down the San Juan River, a remote desert gem in southeastern Utah, is about as serene as can be. But that tranquility comes only after hefty dose of planning. Whether you’re a sandal-tanned seasoned boater or packing for your fist trip, here’s what to do so you’re…(Read More)

Floating for miles, making stops to explore side canyons, cooking meals among the coyote willows and basking in the early morning light: This is a trip on the San Juan River. The sounds of cliff swallows echoes between rising walls as the birds swoop above a glassy river. A mist slowly climbs off the river…(Read More)