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split boards

Split boarding: making transitions fast work So, you’re ready to take on the mountain, one-on-one. You’ve got your board your boots, your skins, your poles and your bindings. The car is loaded, in ski mode, with poles out and skins handy so all you have to do is strap in and…(Read More)

More than ever before, snowboarders are passing up the lifts and heading into the mountains on their own two feet. Since its inception a few decades ago, splitboarding has grown, and matured into a sophisticated backcountry culture all its own.What’s a splitboard? It’s a snowboard that is divided into two halves that…(Read More)

Electricity was buzzing all around him just below 14,000 feet on Mount Lindsey in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado – it was a tale-tell sign lightning was about to strike. But Denver’s Andrew Hamilton, 40, was driven by his goal to set a new speed record of climbing all…(Read More)

Kendall Mountain Run

  More than 250 runners turned out for the 38th annual Kendall Mountain Run in Silverton, Colorado – more than ever before. It’s a sign that trail running is gaining ground, and this run gains 3000 feet. A tough 13-mile out and back race to a summit that blurs running and mountaineering, it’s…(Read More)

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