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plus size tires Moab, Utah

The mountain bike industry wants to reinvent the wheel. What gives? Moab, Utah: Where mountain bike tires go to die. “The sandstone wreaks havoc on rubber,” says Chad Guyer of Poison Spider Bicycles in Moab, Utah. He should know. Since transplanting from the tacky dark and deciduous forest trails of northern Michigan, he’s gained…(Read More)

mountain biking Moab

Camp at Gold Bar Rim Campground 10 miles down Potash Road, and nab a spot on the Colorado River. Take a hike at dusk to the incomparable Corona and Bowtie Arch, using ancient Moki steps carved into the sandstone by ancestral Puebloans centuries ago. Back at camp watch the aerial acrobatics of little brown Myotis…(Read More)

Mountain biking Amasa Back

It’s called Amasa Back, and if you love to ride then you need to get out here, now. Moab, Utah, is fascinating for mountain bikers. The gritty trails, oceans of sandstone and the exceptional physiography make for some of the most astonishing riding experiences on earth. In short, this place is surreal. When it…(Read More)

The Stolen Chimney, (5.10+ or 5.8 A0) on Ancient Art in the Fisher Towers is perhaps one of the most coveted summits in the desert southwest. Once you’re there, you’ll know why.“It is most certainly one of the most unique towers in the world, “ said Nate…(Read More)

You may have never set foot on the Hauer Ranch just outside Moab, Utah, but wander around long enough and it may seem a little familiar. That’s because it’s been the location of several major motion pictures, including two John Wayne films, one Disney movie and “City Slickers 2.” With a…(Read More)

There are countless ways to have the perfect the weekend in Moab, whether you’re looking for a bivouac in the desert sand or a quaint cabin on the Colorado River. Here are five things to go, see and do in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 1) CrankThe Slick Rock bike trail…(Read More)

Let’s face it, if you’re mountain biking for fun then you don’t have to dress like a superhero. More than ever joy riders are finding that style meets function at every turn. 1) Get modernHelmets are built around safety and ventilation, and modern designs are borrowing from other sports, blending hi tech…(Read More)

Made of stone


If you’re a mountain biker, do yourself a favor: Go to Moab.For decades, Moab’s Slickrock Trail has been calling riders, and even if you’ve been there and done that, it might be time to hit it again. Waves of sandstone frozen in endless geologic time, lithic dunes fading into the horizon…(Read More)

Page, Arizona: Many know the area for Lake Powell, a man-made desert ocean of islands and inlets – the Colorado River dammed, covered with house boats and water skiers. But inland, this desert draws another kind, a breed that begs for long sprees of solitude and endurance. Meet the ultra runner. “There’s a…(Read More)

The best thing about these 23 miles of trail north of Moab, Utah, is they are so much fun for every skill set. For the seasoned singletrack expert, to the first-time trail rider, the Klonzo trails offer a variety of riding. When Moab’s trail builders recognized a need for diversity, they put shovels…(Read More)

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