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Black Diamond ice screw

“Everybody loves ice screws,” said Dawn Glanc. One the most accomplished ice climbers in the nation if not the world, Glanc pushes the genre, and when the ice gets steep, she starts drilling. Here, she reveals the ever-elusive ice screw and gives us her two cents on how to use them. Glanc uses a…(Read More)

Ouray Ice Park

You’ve never seen the Ouray Ice Park like this. Filmmaker and longtime resident of Colorado’s Western Slope Barry Stevenson knows how to capture the Ouray Ice Park in all its glory. From full bore Rocky Mountain blizzards to sun-shiny days, and during the world famous Ouray Ice Festival, Stevenson has watched the…(Read More)

Colorado Ice Climbing at it’s best: Silverton. Ice climbing Silverton: With an elevation of more than 9,000 feet above sea level, Silverton Colorado is one of the most celebrated destinations in the U.S. when it come stop ice climbing. Surrounded by many 13 and even some 14 thousand foot peaks, alpine snows…(Read More)

Mixing things up


The Ouray Ice Park is a natural canyon that has been made into a public ice climbing arena. It could be one of the coolest things in the world, according to many climbers. Free to anyone who chooses to drop in. People come for all over the world to step up to the ice -…(Read More)

Dawn Glanc climbing

Dawn Glanc is 60 feet up a massive frozen waterfall outside Ouray, Colorado. Kicking the spiked toes of her boots into the ice, one after the other, with her arms she swings her ice axes and makes the entire ascent look easy. At a stance halfway to topping out, she turns and waves down to…(Read More)

Ouray, Colorado

Located at 7,792 feet above sea level, Ouray, Colorado is home to some pretty fabulous spots to drink, eat and get down. Here are some of our favorites for an absolutely killer weekend in Ouray. Colorado Boy Brewing A few miles up the road from Ouray in neighboring Ridgeway, thirsty folks nestle up to…(Read More)

ice climbing Kitty Calhoun

“Ice climbing isn’t all about strength,” says Kitty Calhoun of Chicks Climbing & Skiing, an exclusive all-female Colorado-based club teaching that climbing ice, empowerment and community for ladies is attainable through mountain sports. “It’s about using technique and balance.” Chicks shares their skills around the world, but we found them in…(Read More)

chicks climbing and skiing

These girls of Chicks Climbing and Skiing rock, on ice. Chicks Climbing & Skiing is all about building community. The female-only mountain sports club travels the world showing women how to tap their inner power with a backdrop of rock, ice and steep mountains, “They learn better in a women’s only environment,” says…(Read More)

womens competition ice climbing

Women ice climbing is on fire. These athletes are strong and fierce, and the competition is booming. When 16-year-old Georgia Witchell picked up a pair of ice axes for the first time, she didn’t know she’d be hooked, hanging on for the ride of her life a few years later in…(Read More)

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