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stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding – SUP – has been around for centuries or longer, but it’s recently become one of the largest and fastest-growing outdoor activities in the U.S. In 2014 alone, Americans went out more than 13 million times for a paddle, according to the American Canoe Organization. So what is it? Think…(Read More)

Mountain biking is a full body activity. While your legs are pushing and pulling those pedals, your core and upper body are holding everything in place, and that is a major key to climbing hills. By following these five steps, your bike and body will become one tackling any climb. So get ready to crank…(Read More)

snowboard stance

In snowboarding you’re locked in place on the board, unlike surfing and skateboarding where you can change the position of your feet – your snowboard stance – at any time. But that’s part of the fun. Becoming one with your board is perhaps the very essence of snowboarding, and it all begins with where you…(Read More)

fat biking the Silverton Whiteout

When you’re crushing miles at the Silverton Whiteout, your bike doesn’t have to be the lightest on the snow, but a few things are key to get you over the kickers and through the finish line in one piece. You’ll need some winter footwear, some sick shades and don’t forget the…(Read More)

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colorado cyclocross

Cyclocross 101


Ice, mud, cold. Hop on a road bike with knobby tires and crank hard around a marked off road course with ups, downs and all arounds. Don’t stop for an hour. Welcome to cyclocross. “It’s kind of like show up and throw up,” says cross racer and cycling coach Chad Cheeney. “Cross isn…(Read More)

ice climbing Kitty Calhoun

“Ice climbing isn’t all about strength,” says Kitty Calhoun of Chicks Climbing & Skiing, an exclusive all-female Colorado-based club teaching that climbing ice, empowerment and community for ladies is attainable through mountain sports. “It’s about using technique and balance.” Chicks shares their skills around the world, but we found them in…(Read More)

Sand boarding the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

How to sandboard


So, just how do you sandboard? We suggest using a specific sandboard that comes with bindings – wake board bindings, actually. Rentals are available at Kirsti Mountain Sports in Alamosa, Colorado, the sandboard capital of the Rockies. Sandboarder Enrique Salcedo says that no special clothing or soft gear is required, just the gumption to shred…(Read More)

sport climbing ropes, carabiners, and qucikdraws

How to sport climb


Tie in and learn what sport climbing is all about Rock climbing is among the freest and purest forms of athleticism that our primate selves can pursue. Sport climbing, or climbing for fun, is typically short single-pitch climbs in an area of concentrated surrounding routes. It pertains to an initial climber following that route…(Read More)