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Osprey Tempest 20

We loaded up a rowdy mountain town gal with a back pack she could use for everything. And then she did. By Brandon Mathis Meet Sara Knight, your typical mountain town woman with a good job, a nice smile and a hankering for trail running, mountain biking world class trails, kayaking wild rivers, high country…(Read More)

Map reading for mountain climbing.

Any trip into the backcountry starts with a plan, especially climbing a 14er, whether it’s where to park, how to get there, what the weather will be like. But it’s fair to say that for an extended hike into a remote area, even more care should be taken. Here is how we do…(Read More)

Grouse Gulch, Handies Peak

While many of Colorado’s summits can be difficult to reach, that’s not the case for all of them, even some of the tallest. Handies Peak, at 14,048 feet, is perhaps one of the most alluring mountain tops in the Rockies. Surrounded by wilderness, its vistas are uninterrupted: Nothing but mountains for miles…(Read More)

Ouray, Colorado

Located at 7,792 feet above sea level, Ouray, Colorado is home to some pretty fabulous spots to drink, eat and get down. Here are some of our favorites for an absolutely killer weekend in Ouray. Colorado Boy Brewing A few miles up the road from Ouray in neighboring Ridgeway, thirsty folks nestle up to…(Read More)

Our staff pick videos from some favorite adventures and what you should give them try : Hit the sand Sandboarding in Alamosa, Colorado, was one of the most unique experiences we had this year. It was also more of a workout than we anticipated. It’s like snowboarding, but more difficult. “The main difference here is…(Read More)


 Technical pieces that look like a walk in the park but act like an expedition. Take your favorite flannel, beef it up or slim it down, give it some performance features like SPF, quick-drying capabilities or huge thermal insulation properties. Some call them shackets: A shirt and a jacket rolled into one. They’re…(Read More)

Engineer Mountain: rewarding hike, exciting summit, engaging run This is an accessible trail hike that leads you from the west side of Coal Bank Pass to an alpine landscape at the base of Engineer Mountain with an option to reach its 12,970-foot summit. As the Pass Trail starts out from the large parking…(Read More)

back packs

Today’s modern backpacks are works of engineering art. Well thought out, ergonomic and comfortable for miles of trail beyond their predecessors. We met with backpack pioneer, Osprey Packs and MTNSTUFF gear expert Rich Weight at Backcountry Experience in Durango, Colorado, to get the lowdown on how to load up. (Whatever you do, they strongly…(Read More)

America loves its national parks – sometimes a little too much, and overcrowding is a mounting concern. You can’t blame anyone for visiting in a treasure like Zion National Park, but you can get away from the crowds. Here are five ways to get ahead of the pack and have your own adventure. 1) Early…(Read More)

In the 1930s when the nation’s Civilian Conservation Corps began construction of an ambitious trail that would carry hikers 1,400 feet up and across a daring narrow fin in Zion National Park, Utah, no one would have guessed it would become one of the most popular hikes in the National Park System. Anyone…(Read More)