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autumn mountain biking

High country trail blazing


Autumn’s hues are intoxicating, especially in the mountains. We catch them all with some Colorado high country mountain biking on the last days before the snow.

Hours are magical. Moments are fleeting. And the colors change with every second.

It’s a time unlike any other throughout the year. The light shifts. Groves of quaking Aspen burn yellow, their leaves like embers carried to the ground. Gambel oaks set aflame in red and orange. Windblown grasses fade and dry to sweeping amber waves. The air is crisp, the sun rich. The gray rocks and dark trail cut through it all.

While some might think it’s too cold to get into the high country, we found perfect autumn conditions in southern Colorado, so we spent a few days riding out the feeling of cold mornings, fading sun and crunchy golden trails.

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