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snowboard camber and rocker

We dropped in to The Boarding Haus in Durango, Colorado, to learn about snowboard camber and how it can affect your ride. (Camber refers to the arching of a horizontal surface, like a ski. It helps turn, but when other shapes are applied, more benefits can be achieved.) Owner and lifelong boardsports lover John Agnew…(Read More)

Black Diamond ice screw

“Everybody loves ice screws,” said Dawn Glanc. One the most accomplished ice climbers in the nation if not the world, Glanc pushes the genre, and when the ice gets steep, she starts drilling. Here, she reveals the ever-elusive ice screw and gives us her two cents on how to use them. Glanc uses a…(Read More)

Northern Lites Snowshoes

We got a chance to talk to Kunkel about his Northern Lites racing model snowshoes and how he prefers to keep it simple, by simply bolting his running shoes directly to them. Anthony Kunkel is no stranger to cold weather running. The up-and-coming athlete is racking up first place wins all over the…(Read More)

sport climbing kilonewtons

So, you have rock climbing fever and all your friends and family keep saying the same thing: “But isn’t that dangerous?” Next time, explain you’re just a hopeless argonaut, and throw in a little physics to back you up. And it all starts with the father of it all, Sir Isaac Newton. Here…(Read More)


 Technical pieces that look like a walk in the park but act like an expedition. Take your favorite flannel, beef it up or slim it down, give it some performance features like SPF, quick-drying capabilities or huge thermal insulation properties. Some call them shackets: A shirt and a jacket rolled into one. They’re…(Read More)

Nem tents

Today’s modern tents are refined achievements in design and engineering. While their main purpose is shelter, the way they pack, the weight and density of the materials used and certain features of the tent will determine its best uses. by Brandon Mathis Here are a few things to consider when buying your next tent…(Read More)

Some people call it a buff, while others might call it a headband, but, wait, it does way more than that… Whatever you call them (tube of fabric, do-hickie, neck warmer, headband, head sock, do-rag or Buff) they are astonishingly multi-functional for a number of uses and conditions, most involving those keeping…(Read More)

fly fishing waders

In deep: how a good pair of fly fishing waders can make all the difference Summer angling in the Rocky Mountains can mean sunny and 80 degrees or 40 degrees and hailing. But one thing is for sure, creek fishing at 10,000 feet means that water is cold. While warm days might call for…(Read More)