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Knee deep in a clear rushing Colorado river lined with conifers reaching toward the sky, Cole Glenn is fixated on a particular eddy, a deep pool of still water. His eyes are locked, his nine-foot fishing rod is held level and high as his line drifts slowly down river. With an all consuming anticipation…(Read More)

Through the lens of an alpine angler A landscape of jagged peaks and remote streams and alpine lakes, the San Juan Mountains create some of the most rugged and inhospitable terrain in the world, but the challenges they present are equaled by the beauty they hold. All a canvas to the eye of a fly…(Read More)

Mountain sports photographer Ben Gavelda sneaks up high for some good-ole fashioned trout fishing in America Story and photos by Ben Gavelda A lid of clouds prowls over mountain peaks in predawn light. Rocky walls cradle a small basin of blue green water and sandy-hued shore. Coats of fog swirl in the mountain…(Read More)

dry fly fly fishing

When Cole Glenn and Derek Ems call it a rugged trail to one of their favorite creeks for trout, they’re not kidding. But the extra work is worth it: It’s quintessential Colorado creek fishing. Leaving an aspen grove, the trail quickly becomes a rocky staircase that criss-crosses a cascading stream. “Watch out…(Read More)

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In deep: how a good pair of fly fishing waders can make all the difference Summer angling in the Rocky Mountains can mean sunny and 80 degrees or 40 degrees and hailing. But one thing is for sure, creek fishing at 10,000 feet means that water is cold. While warm days might call for…(Read More)

dry fly fly fishing

Fly fishing in the mountains means one thing: Great big dry flies. According to Cole Glenn at Colorado’s The San Juan Angler, it’s what we think of when we think of fly fishing.“We actually see the fly hit the top of the water and a lot of times you…(Read More)

As summer blooms in the West, many keen anglers head to mountain country. We caught up with Colorado expert angler Jake Ballard of Duranglers Flies and Supplies for some sweet spots to fish at elevation. (Plus, we decided to throw in a few classic rivers around the Southwest.) “In the high country it will be…(Read More)

Think fly fishing is expensive and complicated? Think again. “There are conceptions out there that fly fishing is an exclusive, expensive sport to get into,” says Cole Glenn of the San Juan Angler in Colorado. “That’s not necessarily the case. You can have a great time fishing and not break…(Read More)

the clinch knot

Dreaming of landing that perfect rainbow trout? These are the best two knots to nab the fish of your dreams. The double surgeon’s and clinch knots are both fast, strong, fundamental knots, and expert angler Cole Glenn, shop manager at Colorado’s San Juan Angler, shows us how to tie them. Make sure you…(Read More)

After a disastrous accident flooded southwestern Colorado’s Animas River with contaminated mining waste water, locals and visitors to the area have been looking elsewhere to cast a fly. We stopped by Duranglers Flies and Supplies, who have been guiding and outfitting anglers since 1983. With permits on every good creek, river and stream within…(Read More)