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Chains are the lifeline of a bicycle. They keep the drive train turning and transmission churning. So why do we neglect them so? A happy chain shifts better, sounds better and lives longer, plus, your mechanic will thank you for it. We rolled into 2nd Avenue Sports in Durango, Colorado, where chain master Jay Speed…(Read More)

fat biking the Silverton Whiteout

When you’re crushing miles at the Silverton Whiteout, your bike doesn’t have to be the lightest on the snow, but a few things are key to get you over the kickers and through the finish line in one piece. You’ll need some winter footwear, some sick shades and don’t forget the…(Read More)

For the third year, the Silverton Whiteout has taken over Silverton, Colorado, a rustic community whose one paved street sits in the heart of the San Juan Mountains at 9,300 feet above sea level. The Whiteout is a fat bike race, but it’s more than a race: It’s a break from the…(Read More)

Twilight Nights, Purgatory

Those twilight nights of winter are so quiet and tranquil. Or are they?  We found something different at Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado. A pair of headlamps  bobbing oddly through the woods, getting brighter. The sound of crunching snow grew louder. Then came the breathing. A few hundred yards away, fat bikers with night lights…(Read More)



“It’s all about the gear,” says Joey Ernst of Velorution Cycles and Bedrock Bags in southwestern Colorado. “You can go out in 30 degrees and be miserable if you have the wrong gear, or you can go out in 10 below and be perfectly comfortable if you have the proper gear…(Read More)

We all float on OK


Pumping up your road bike tires? Keep pumping, it takes a while. Forty, 50, 60 pounds of pressure per square inch. You can drop that for your mountain bike. Thirty pounds, 35 – maybe 40 PSI, if your cranking a lot of hardpack.But for your fat bike, simmer down. Those big tires won’t…(Read More)



It’s one degree Fahrenheit. The air bites at your skin as the sun drags in the morning sky. There’s a foot of snow on the trails. And you’re about to go ride.Fat biking is said to have dual beginnings: one in the desert and one in the snow. It’s believable…(Read More)

This is a revered ride, born from the grit of the area’s pioneering mountain bikers, yet burly and contemporary enough to be a leg of the Big Mountain Enduro Series for two years running before it was deemed too remote. From 11,700′ Kennebec Pass, it offers breathtaking views of the La Plata and…(Read More)

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