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River towns


Down by the river. These Western cites and towns are where it’s at for mountain waters by Brandon Mathis Jackson, Wyoming Jackson isn’t just for ski bums. The Snake River curls through the landscape, Yellowstone and Grand Teton country, two staggering national parks that define wild and scenic western America. “I think that…(Read More)

Want to get into bike packing? It’s not as hard as you think. You, your bike, a light camp kit and a bit of humility and determination can shed light new landscapes and trails. Ben Gavelda shows us how. Story and photos by Ben Gavelda Any mountain bike is capable of bike packing. You…(Read More)

What if the trail didn’t stop at the water’s edge? What if all those blue lines on a map were a passage? This is the story of how one small company is redfining adventure by redefining the modern packraft by Brandon Mathis When Thor Tingey was a student at Colorado Mountain College in…(Read More)

This brand of off road travel is all about getting  into the wild. by Brandon Mathis “Overland is going to be travel based around a vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, van, bicycle, motorcycle,” said Gavin Malm, overland enthusiast and Albuquerque based professional photographer . “The idea is that you’re traveling, and your vehicle…(Read More)

Hunter McIntyre Road Cycling

We follow body builder and Spartan racer Hunter McIntyre on his journey to a classic Rocky Mountain bicycle race. By Brandon Mathis Hunter McIntyre has been on an interesting ride. With a body building background and a smash hit career in obstacle course racing, would he be able to reach his next goal of the…(Read More)

Rock climbing in this secret gem is as captivating as it is tough, and the more you know about its history, the stranger it gets. by Brandon Mathis On the western outskirts of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, narrow canyons form hallways of hard volcanic rock, rounded smooth from wind and rain. Corridors are hidden…(Read More)

Teocali Trail, Crested Butte

Spend a stormy weekend in the one of the birthplaces of mountain biking, and you feel reborn. Crested Butte, Colorado: A small mining town turned ski mountain mecca, wrapped in trails with a wildflower bow. It’s considered by many to be one of the birthplaces of mountain biking. According to legend, a group of…(Read More)

dry fly fly fishing

When Cole Glenn and Derek Ems call it a rugged trail to one of their favorite creeks for trout, they’re not kidding. But the extra work is worth it: It’s quintessential Colorado creek fishing. Leaving an aspen grove, the trail quickly becomes a rocky staircase that criss-crosses a cascading stream. “Watch out…(Read More)

Grouse Gulch, Handies Peak

While many of Colorado’s summits can be difficult to reach, that’s not the case for all of them, even some of the tallest. Handies Peak, at 14,048 feet, is perhaps one of the most alluring mountain tops in the Rockies. Surrounded by wilderness, its vistas are uninterrupted: Nothing but mountains for miles…(Read More)