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Chaco Canyon

Adventure writer Morgan Tilton takes us back in time to one of the most intriguing and mysterious places in the Southwest. Words and Photos by Morgan Tilton “The walls flex,” said my guide Angelisa Espinoza, who lay like a sprawled starfish on the dirt floor in the middle of the rectangular room. I pancaked myself…(Read More)

Snow business revenue

Despite a low snow totals across the western mountains, the dollar totals are there. It seems the love for getting out and playing in the mountains is making it rain. Here’s a look. Rocky Mountain High Colorado closed its second-busiest ski season on record in 2016-17, with more than 13 million skier…(Read More)

Franco Snowshapes

Franco Snowshapes


Franco Snowshapes: how one man in Jackson Hole, Wyoming turned adversity to advantage while making some killer snowboards along the way. When Mikey Franco got derailed from his dream ride with a major snowboard company due to an injury, he got another run-in, this time making snowboards not just riding them. Franco Snowshapes was…(Read More)

Dunton Hot Springs

One more gift for the mountains: soothing, natural hot springs. We put together a list of the most celebrated hot springs across the southwest to bring you these magic mountain waters. HEALING WATERS, PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO In a place known for its hot springs, these all-natural and undiluted mineral springs are the oldest in…(Read More)

You’ve never had a yoga sesh like this one. by Brandon Mathis When certified yoga instructor and accupunturist Meagn Lott began teaching a summer evening yoga class on the banks of the Florida River on the Colorado/New Mexico border, she wasn’t sure who would show up. Sure, there were the usual suspects…(Read More)

White rim Trail

Mountain Biking the White Rim Trail: Forget what you think you know about a multi- day mountain bike trip through some of the most rugged terrain in the world. You can do this. In fact, you just might love every minute of it. Story and photos by Brandon Mathis When we arrived at Western Spirit…(Read More)

Colorado high school mountain biking

Meet the RGC Rattlers: Riders from the Rio Grande Colorado high school mountain biking is on the rise. The only valley visible from space and nestled between the San Juan Mountains and there Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the San Luis Valley in south central Colorado is a trail destination about to bloom. The Prong Horn…(Read More)

Colorado Ice Climbing at it’s best: Silverton. Ice climbing Silverton: With an elevation of more than 9,000 feet above sea level, Silverton Colorado is one of the most celebrated destinations in the U.S. when it come stop ice climbing. Surrounded by many 13 and even some 14 thousand foot peaks, alpine snows…(Read More)