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Every spring bands of snowboarders converge on a tiny Rocky Mountain town in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to explore the backcountry opportunities that abound. But they’re not you typical snowboarders. They’re split boarders. It’s called splitboarding: a genre of snowboarding that relies on boards that split in two to be used…(Read More)

Rock climbing in this secret gem is as captivating as it is tough, and the more you know about its history, the stranger it gets. by Brandon Mathis On the western outskirts of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, narrow canyons form hallways of hard volcanic rock, rounded smooth from wind and rain. Corridors are hidden…(Read More)

Teocali Trail, Crested Butte

Spend a stormy weekend in the one of the birthplaces of mountain biking, and you feel reborn. Crested Butte, Colorado: A small mining town turned ski mountain mecca, wrapped in trails with a wildflower bow. It’s considered by many to be one of the birthplaces of mountain biking. According to legend, a group of…(Read More)

Ouray, Colorado

Located at 7,792 feet above sea level, Ouray, Colorado is home to some pretty fabulous spots to drink, eat and get down. Here are some of our favorites for an absolutely killer weekend in Ouray. Colorado Boy Brewing A few miles up the road from Ouray in neighboring Ridgeway, thirsty folks nestle up to…(Read More)

Engineer Mountain: rewarding hike, exciting summit, engaging run This is an accessible trail hike that leads you from the west side of Coal Bank Pass to an alpine landscape at the base of Engineer Mountain with an option to reach its 12,970-foot summit. As the Pass Trail starts out from the large parking…(Read More)

As summer blooms in the West, many keen anglers head to mountain country. We caught up with Colorado expert angler Jake Ballard of Duranglers Flies and Supplies for some sweet spots to fish at elevation. (Plus, we decided to throw in a few classic rivers around the Southwest.) “In the high country it will be…(Read More)

When caught in an avalanche, it all comes down to time. And while help someone should certainly call for help, the people closest to the scene are the best chance for a successful rescue. Swiss avalanche rescue innovator Manuel Genswein has spent his life studying the subject, and his V-Shaped Snow Conveyor Belt is…(Read More)

Wherever there are mountains and snow, there are avalanches. They don’t care about the people: hikers, climbers, skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. But Manuel Genswein does.Armed with a Swiss accent and distinctive voice, Genswein speaks with absolute authority on avalanches and people. Genswein, trained an electronic engineer with a focus on geography, developed a…(Read More)