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1) Wolf Creek is family owned and operated, and owners Davey and Rosanne Pitcher aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they’re working right now. 2) It’s called “The Most Snow in Colorado,” because it gets the most snow in Colorado.3) The top of the mountain is…(Read More)

So, you made it to Moab, an outdoor adventure destination drenched in geologic oddities and perfect spring and autumn weather. The amount of epic activities here is overwhelming, and if you came here to mountain bike, it’s simple – you have to ride the Slickrock Trail. The terrain here ranges from jagged and rough to…(Read More)

Like the song says, “sleep with one eye open.”Since this 5.10 sport route was bolted it has created a wave of new development at a Durango’s East Animas climbing area. A blank, forgotten wall for decades, now three lines and a few variations move over the unique and featured sandstone…(Read More)

  Riders ready? Ned and Todd’s Durango Dirt Fondo is about to take off. This Saturday, hundreds of riders from 14 states and at least two countries will line up a 30 or 50-mile racing tour of Durango’s flagship singletrack, all commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the 1990 World Championship races that…(Read More)

How he did it


Meticulously planning his bid, Hamilton was only 30 minutes off his target time. The weather was his main challenge. A loss of appetite also made it difficult to keep up on calories. “They were stuffing food in my face,” he said of his support crew. A meteorologist advised him on weather conditions and…(Read More)

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