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Through the lens of an alpine angler A landscape of jagged peaks and remote streams and alpine lakes, the San Juan Mountains create some of the most rugged and inhospitable terrain in the world, but the challenges they present are equaled by the beauty they hold. All a canvas to the eye of a fly…(Read More)

Whether you’re running, backpacking, hiking or just out for a stroll the Bear Creek National Recreation Trail is Rocky Mountain country hiking at its best. By Brandon Mathis Who: Ambitious hikers, history buffs, trail runners, backpackers and bighorn sheep. What: A stunning, rigorous historic trail that climbs a mountain drainage area through mining history…(Read More)

Petzl e+LITE


The Petzl e+LITE: a little light with big surprises When a world-renowned ultra runner tells you he likes to travel light and still carries a Petzl e+LITE everywhere he goes, take heed. The e+LITE is billed as an emergency headlamp. It won’t turn night into day, but it will make…(Read More)

Jetfoil Flash

The days of pumping, priming and praying are gone. We got our hands on a Jetboil Flash Cooking System ($99) intended for backpacking trips, but found it perfect for sharing soup on a hike or coffee at the crags. Contained and snug in its own cup, the entire cooking system weighs less than a pound…(Read More)

Want to get into bike packing? It’s not as hard as you think. You, your bike, a light camp kit and a bit of humility and determination can shed light new landscapes and trails. Ben Gavelda shows us how. Story and photos by Ben Gavelda Any mountain bike is capable of bike packing. You…(Read More)

In case you’ve been camping out in another decade, head lamps have taken on a new personality. With the powerful illumination, unsurpassed longevity and smart features, today’s lamps light up tomorrow. And the future looks bright. Getting out of the darkWhat’s a lumen? A lumen is a measurement of…(Read More)

MSR Flylite Tent

Lightweight, clever backpacking equipment isn’t just for speed records across the Serengeti anymore. Ultra-light gear is creating a heavy niche in the outdoor industry, and tents, once heavy and complicated, are a centerpiece for new ideas. “It’s not just through hikers and adventure racers, but it’s everyday backpackers who want to…(Read More)

back packs

Today’s modern backpacks are works of engineering art. Well thought out, ergonomic and comfortable for miles of trail beyond their predecessors. We met with backpack pioneer, Osprey Packs and MTNSTUFF gear expert Rich Weight at Backcountry Experience in Durango, Colorado, to get the lowdown on how to load up. (Whatever you do, they strongly…(Read More)

Want to roam among blooming columbines and alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains? Rushing streams, waterfalls, bouldered alpine tundra, two glacial ponds and a 14,000-foot summit make this a tremendous experience for lifelong mountain travelers to first time alpine hikers. Traveling though an open book history of geology and mining in the San…(Read More)